My shingles look fine, they’re only curling and pitted a little…. does my roof really need to be replaced?

Cracked, curling and pitted shingles What you don’t know is that the elements are getting underneath those shingles every day. Eventually those lifted corners will turn into lost shingles!


It doesn’t really hurt to have the valleys filled in with shingles, does it?

Shingles in the valleys What happens is that moisture gets trapped and can not fully escape. The moisture can lead to premature wear and can freeze and possibly crack. Most manufactures will not warranty the affected area if there is a closed valley. Sometimes there isn’t even metal underneath to run the water if it does get through!


It hasn’t leaked inside of the house. Don’t you think that it can wait?

Leaky roofMinor issues lead into big problems down the road. What starts as a stain can be a huge expense and repair. Don’t forget that once your insulation gets wet and can’t dry properly, mold can begin!


Why does EN CORE include flashing around chimneys?

Chimney flashingWhen installing a roof that has 25 – 50 year warranties, you want to ensure that it not only maintains its look, but maintains it functionality of keeping water out. Chimney flashings tend to be a susceptible area for leaking. Make sure that the flashing is replaced if you have any doubts.


What safety equipment is required?

Safety first There are several Personal Protection Equipment items that should be used. Be sure that the contractor is using harnesses and tie-offs on any roof over 3 meters. In addition ask to see lift tickets for lift truck devices used on site!


Another contractor told me they could do the job cheaper because they don’t need to carry insurance. Is this true?

Not at all! Make sure that your contractor has a minimum of 1 million dollars of liability insurance and that all employees that enter your premises are covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board). If they don’t, you can and will be held liable for any problems or injuries that may happen!